Established in 1894, Glen Ridge Country Club is recognized as one of New Jersey's premier private clubs. Over a century later, the Club is still thriving. We've paired the elegance of a classic private club with a family-friendly atmosphere to give our Members a place to enjoy first-rate service, resort-level amenities, and world-class cuisine while creating memories and traditions with their families and friends.

Our Club boasts a recently completed full-campus transformation and was recognized as the 2017 Club of the Year by the New Jersey PGA for exceptional golf programming.

Our vision is to be the premier family-focused country club in Northern New Jersey.

Glen Ridge Country Club will provide best-in-class experiences in a caring and inclusive atmosphere with fiscal responsibility.

Family-Focused • Value-Oriented • Inclusive & Diverse • Outstanding Service • Caring • Unpretentious • Fun • Fiscal Responsibility

What are Our Members Saying?

According to a recent Club-wide survey, our Members are more satisfied with the overall experience, value, and level of service they receive than Members at peer clubs. In nearly all areas of the Club, Member satisfaction ranked marginally higher than other clubs in the area, and our Members are also more likely to continue their membership and recommend the Club to a friend.

Our Members want to be here. We see this firsthand with how frequently they are on campus, how long their cars stay in the parking lot each day, how quickly they make reservations for special events, and how they walk out with a smile after each visit to the Club — their home away from home.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Click on the video below to hear directly from our Members why they love Glen Ridge Country Club and just how proud they are to be a part of our inclusive, family-oriented community.