The GRCC Wine Club was introduced in early 2017 by our team Certified Sommeliers to give our members the unique opportunity to combine their love of wine with their club experience.

Wine Club members enjoy a variety of perks, including:

  • Storage
    • Temperature Controlled Wine Storage at the Club
    • Inventory of your Wine Kept by iPad
  • Events
    • Early Invite & First Right of Refusal for all Club Wine Functions
    • Exclusive Events for Wine Club Members
  • Discounts
    • Free Corkage
    • 10% Discount on Purchase Price of Wines at Specified Events
    • 20% Discount on Wine Event Attendance Price

Wine Club Events

Wine Club events we enjoyed in 2018:
  • Kutch Charddonay and Pinot Noir Tasting
  • The Judgment of Glen Ridge
  • Rose Wine Extraveganza
  • Italian Wine Dinner
  • Becky Wasserman & Co. Wine Dinner
  • PlumpJack Wine Dinner
  • Holiday Wine Show