There's something for everyone at Glen Ridge Country Club. We offer a variety of memberships to allow you to find one that best suits your and your family's lifestyle, interests, and hobbies. Please see below for the full list of membership classifications.


Membership Classifications

Regular Membership - Regular Members enjoy full privileges of the Club, including our pristine golf course, practice facilities, clubhouse, dining rooms, swimming pools, fitness center, and tennis courts.

House Privileged Membership - House Privileged Members enjoy access to all facilities and privileges of the clubhouse, the swimming pools, fitness center, and tennis courts. This classification of membership may play five rounds of golf per season, with green fees, alone, or as the guest of a Regular Member.

House Social Membership - House Social Members have access and privileges of the clubhouse for dining and social events.

Associate Membership - Associate Membership allows access to all facilities, including golf, at a discounted rate for Members under 36 years of age.

Legacy Membership - Regular Membership for the son, daughter, grandson, or granddaughter of any Regular, Senior, or House Privileged Member between the ages of 21 and 35 years (inclusive), including their spouse or live-in partner, who has paid the required fees and has obtained approval from the Board Of Trustees under the normal vetting process of the Membership Committee.

Procedure for New Membership

Members are invited to sponsor individuals who they believe to be compatible with our Club's Membership.

Candidates interested in Membership who lack required sponsorship may be introduced to the Club through our Hospitality Committee. This is an excellent opportunity for prospective Members who may be new to the community and have not yet been introduced to other Glen Ridge Country Club Members.

The sponsor or candidate may pick up an application at the Front Desk or request to have one emailed. The completed application, including the sponsor's questionnaire and a letter of recommendation from the primary and secondary sponsors, is returned to the office. Only complete applications will be accepted.

The candidate’s name, the names of the sponsor and seconder, and the proposed Membership category will be emailed to the Membership for any comments. Comments from the entire Membership are accepted for a 10-day circulation period. If no issues have been identified at the conclusion of the circulation period, candidates and their primary sponsor (if applicable) will be scheduled for an interview with the Membership Committee. Thereafter, the Membership Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees as to whether to approve the candidate for admission to the Membership.

Upon approval of the Board, the candidate will be admitted to the Membership upon payment of the initiation fee, which must be received no later than 30 days after the admission decision. If Membership is full, candidate’s name will be placed on a wait list according to the date on which the completed application was received.

All Memberships are year-round. Memberships will automatically renew March 1 each year unless the Accounting Office is notified in writing prior to March 1. A Member's resignation or change in Membership after the renewal of Membership for the fiscal year does not relieve that Member of the obligation to pay all dues, dining minimums, surcharges, and any other required fees for the balance of the year. Only upgrades to a Membership will be permitted during the fiscal year.

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